Current Authors/Maintainers:

  • Pierre Courtieu (Coq, lib)
  • Erik Martin-Dorel (Coq, Web site)
  • Clément Pit-Claudel (Coq, packaging)
  • Stefan Monnier (Coq)
  • Dominique Unruh (qrhl-tool)
  • Christophe Raffalli (PhoX)
  • Pierre-Yves Strub (EasyCrypt)
  • Hendrik Tews (Proof Tree)

Previous Authors:

  • David Aspinall (all)
  • Makarius Wenzel (Isar, generic)
  • Stefan Berghofer (Isar)
  • Paul Callaghan (Plastic, Lego)
  • Healfdene Goguen (Coq, generic, doc)
  • Thomas Kleymann (Lego, doc, generic)
  • Patrick Loiseleur (Coq)
  • Yves Bertot (generic)
  • David von Oheimb (X-Symbol)
  • Dilip Sequeira (Lego, generic)
  • Graham Dutton (Web support)

These are the main “official” authors of Proof General, but many more people have contributed, some very significantly. We’re grateful to everyone who has! Please see the CREDITS section in the manual for a more complete list.

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