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Function and Command Index

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defpgcustom14.3 Configuration variable mechanisms
defpgdefault13.1 Default values for generic settings
defpgdefault14.3 Configuration variable mechanisms

proof-activate-scripting14.5 Proof script mode
proof-add-completions3.11 Completions
proof-ass14.3 Configuration variable mechanisms
proof-ass-sym14.3 Configuration variable mechanisms
proof-ass-symv14.3 Configuration variable mechanisms
proof-assert-until-point14.5 Proof script mode
proof-complete-buffer-atomic14.5 Proof script mode
proof-deactivate-scripting14.5 Proof script mode
proof-define-assistant-command13.4 Useful functions and macros
proof-define-assistant-command-witharg13.4 Useful functions and macros
proof-definvisible13.4 Useful functions and macros
proof-defshortcut13.4 Useful functions and macros
proof-deftoggle14.3 Configuration variable mechanisms
proof-extend-queue14.6.1 Input to the shell
proof-extend-queue14.6.1 Input to the shell
proof-format-filename13.4 Useful functions and macros
proof-generic-count-undos3.4 Configuring undo behaviour
proof-generic-find-and-forget3.4 Configuring undo behaviour
proof-generic-state-preserving-p3.7 Safe (state-preserving) commands
proof-grab-lock14.6.1 Input to the shell
proof-init-segmentation14.5 Proof script mode
proof-insert13.4 Useful functions and macros
proof-looking-at-syntactic-context3.1 Recognizing commands and comments
proof-register-possibly-new-processed-file14.5 Proof script mode
proof-release-lock14.6.1 Input to the shell
proof-restart-buffers14.5 Proof script mode
proof-retract-until-point14.5 Proof script mode
proof-script-generic-parse-cmdend14.5 Proof script mode
proof-script-generic-parse-cmdstart14.5 Proof script mode
proof-script-generic-parse-sexp14.5 Proof script mode
proof-script-remove-all-spans-and-deactivate14.5 Proof script mode
proof-semis-to-vanillas14.5 Proof script mode
proof-set-value14.3 Configuration variable mechanisms
proof-shell-bail-out14.6 Proof shell mode
proof-shell-exec-loop14.6.1 Input to the shell
proof-shell-exit14.6 Proof shell mode
proof-shell-filter14.6.2 Output from the shell
proof-shell-filter-manage-output14.6.2 Output from the shell
proof-shell-filter-wrapper14.6.2 Output from the shell
proof-shell-handle-delayed-output14.6.2 Output from the shell
proof-shell-handle-immediate-output14.6.2 Output from the shell
proof-shell-insert14.6.1 Input to the shell
proof-shell-invisible-command13.4 Useful functions and macros
proof-shell-kill-function14.6 Proof shell mode
proof-shell-process-urgent-message14.6.2 Output from the shell
proof-shell-restart14.6 Proof shell mode
proof-shell-start14.6 Proof shell mode
proof-tree-external-display-toggle12.3.3 Guards
proof-tree-handle-delayed-output12.3.4 Urgent and Delayed Actions
proof-tree-urgent-action12.3.4 Urgent and Delayed Actions
proof-zap-commas10. Configuring Font Lock

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